Loco Mogul - game locks up at end of level 15

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Loco Mogul - game locks up at end of level 15

Postby uhhhclem » Mon Feb 16, 2009 3:44 am

I have about 26 miles to go delivering goods on level 15. I've clicked on the destination city and...nothing. The green cursor box has appeared around the city, and the train is just sitting in its present city. The rest of the game's UI is responsive - I can mouse over things and get popups, get help, even return to the main menu and come back into the game - but the game itself is stalled.

If I exit the program completely and come back in, I start level 15 over again. And again, at the end, it locks up in exactly the same way.
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Postby Andrew Ewanchyna » Mon Feb 16, 2009 4:03 pm

That's odd, can you send me the files that are in your, hmm, this is where it gets confusing as it depends on what system you're running on. If Vista, then check in something like: c:/ProgramData/ApeZone/Loco Mogul

If XP, then check c:/Documents and Settings/<username>/AppData/ApeZone/Loco Mogul.

If you have any problems, email me at support@apezone.com
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Re: Loco Mogul - game locks up at end of level 15

Postby Wyzak » Sun Jan 03, 2010 7:57 pm

Hi Andrew,

I bought Loco Mogul for my Dad and he is having the same issue on an early level, the level with the bridge tutorial. The locomotive won't respond to travel commands but the rest of the UI is responsive. However, I was able to play it through until Level 10 or so before installing the most recent Java release. Not sure if that is a causal factor or not but it's the only major change in the OS since I played it before without issues.

Loco Mogul 2.1 running on Windows XP SP3 with 2GB RAM.

Is there a 2.2 available now?
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