Few errors

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Few errors

Postby xerxes » Wed Jun 21, 2006 6:36 am

1. There is some really strange behaviour while a colony is attacked and there is a starship being refitted there, which has it's computer dismantled at the moment. If there is another ship defending the planet I can only control the one being refitted (which may be crippled of course) even though the game asks me to issue movement orders for both of them, the orders go to the crippled one only.


2. I'm not sure that the folowing is the ordinary behaviour -
Even if I set the game options for manual control over the ships (missions and battles), when I get control over another race's starships they are set for automatic control. Although the game asks the player to check the crew and designs for all the newly acquired ships, I often find myself forgetting to reset the manual control options on them, and since at most times the takeover happens during later stages of the game, the ships just wander off to some missions on their own and I forget about them until the are just about to fight someone.

It would be nice if the logic of the game automatically set up the options on newly acquired ships to those prefferences set up by the user when he starts the game.

3. Another strange thing is that sometimes the game seems to treat trust figures (in the diplomacy screen) for war-time and all the other conditions separately. An example:
I had a war with Sirens. They were the same philosophy so I wanted to make peace with them, and Federation later on. I gave them several, high-tech but otherwise useless, technologies, so that their trust to my race raised to about 80% - only then (and another few years) the Sirens where willing to end the war. But after they did so, their trust to my race fallen dramatically to about 25% and I had to rebuild their trust once more. Normally the peace treaty would only raise the former adversary's trust.

Such glitch happens rarely, but it does happen. When I will be able to catch something like this in a save, I will put it here for all to see.

Postby Andrew Ewanchyna » Wed Jun 21, 2006 2:56 pm

1) I'll look at your saved game file, thanks. I think I've seen this before, but it's always hard to reproduce. :?

2) This is an oversight on my part. :oops:

3) Depends what level your playing at and how powerful you are (plus a whole bunch of other stuff). But I purposely made it difficult on harder skill levels to form alliances, especially if you're doing well. People complained in earlier versions that this was the simple way to win the game. Just goes to prove, you can't please everyone. :(
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Postby xerxes » Wed Jun 21, 2006 5:49 pm

Andrew Ewanchyna wrote:But I purposely made it difficult on harder skill levels to form alliances

Now that you explain it, it really makes sense - I mean it's more realistic that you are not able to form an aliance right after ending a war. The trick with the trust is quite elegant in its simplicity.

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