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New Ships 2018

Postby Insayn » Mon Aug 20, 2018 4:16 pm

Link: ...


I've lost all my old ship files and mods. I came on here to redownload them, but found lots of dead links. So, I've been making new ships. I've linked to them above. I also included the .sh files in case anyone wants to rearrange them into a new .shp file. I made an Enterprise E, but used the Galaxy class dreadnaught for the cruiser instead. Also included older versions of the ship files as well as a ship by CHOAM and Thesis I think.

Here is the list of the new ships:
O'Niell Class, Beliskirnir Class, Daniel Jackson Science ship.
Battlestar Galactica:
Battlestar Pegasus, Battlestar Galactica, TOS Galactica.
Daedalus Class BC-304, Prometheus F-303.
Wraith Hive ship, Wraith Cruiser
Cardassian Battleship, Galor class ships, Chintaka class.
Galaxy class Dreadnaught, Galaxy class, Intrepid class, Enterprise B (I think), USS Akira, USS Tempest.
Ferengi Maurader
Imperial Star Destroyer, Republic Era Venator and assault ships, Nebulon B Frigate.
Dominion Battleship, Dominion Cruiser, Dominion Fighter (Bug ship).
Vorcha class, Neghvar class, Bird of Prey, D7 cruiser.
D'deridex Class Warbird, Kerchan Class, Vreedex class, Romulan Bird of Prey, TOS Bird of Prey.
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Re: New Ships 2018

Postby Insayn » Tue Sep 11, 2018 4:52 pm ...

I've made a few more ships. I've linked above.
Andorian Kumari cruiser
Breen cruiser
Several more federation ships
Victory and interdictor star destroyers
Several Klingon and Romulan ships
Vulcan cruiser

I've included the sh files including several I didn't use that could be swapped in. Akira class ship for example.
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Re: New Ships 2018

Postby Insayn » Wed Oct 10, 2018 3:52 pm

Image ...

Finally made Borg ships. They were the hardest ones to capture so far. The dark colors make them difficult to look right in the game. Had to play with lighting and textures a lot. I was never a fan of borg ships because there is no clear front or back to them.
Also replaced the Nebulon B frigate for the Republic ships with an actual Republic Frigate/Light Cruiser. Pretty ship. Maybe use The Nebulon with Rebel ships like the Mon Calamari Cruiser and something else small for the scout/gunboats in the future.
Added the Sovreign class Star destroyer to the StarDestroyer ships. Demoted the Victory and interdictor down to destroyer and Frigate and resized them to make room for the new Cruiser. Sovreign isn't a canon ship anymore now that Disney has taken over Star Wars. This ship was too pretty to not use though.
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Re: New Ships 2018

Postby Insayn » Sat Nov 17, 2018 6:18 pm


Link: ...

Star Wars Rebel Alliance/Resistance:
Millenium Falcon
Tantive IV
Hammerhead Corvette
Nebulon B
Mon Calamari Liberty Type MC-80
Home One from The Last Jedi

Other shp file has my favorites. I used the assault frigate and Bothan Cruiser in place of the Mon Calamari ships because they look like warty, deformed sea slugs.
HWK-290 (Moldy Crow)
Corellian DP20 (Discount Tantive IV)
Maurader Corvette
Nebulon B2 Assault Frigate (My Favorite)
Assault Frigate MKI
Bothan Cruiser

Included sh files that I didn't use. There are enough to make several more shp files.
Assault Frigate MKII (I love thise ship, but the model is very low quality)
CC-7700 Interdictor
CC-9600 Frigate
CT-200 Transport
Dauntless Class Heavy Cruiser
DC-20 (may actually be DP-20) Gunship/corvette
Dreadnaught Class Cruiser
Ghost ship (VCX-100 Freighter)
GR-75 Medium Transport
Lancer Class Frigate (Thise was an Imperial ship)
Raddus (MC-85)
Profundity (MC-75)
Mon Calamari MC-80, MC-80A, MC80B
Mon Calamari MC-30 Frigate
Nebulon D Assault Frigate
Quasar Fire Carrier
X4 Gunhip (Looks like a smaller Marauder Corvette)
YT-2000 (Discount Millenium Falcon)
YT-2400 Freighter
YV-100 Light Freighter

Goa'uld ships:
Teltak Freighter
Alkesh Bomber
Ra's Pyramid ship
Ha'Tak (4 sides)
Ha'Tak (3 sides)
Apophis's Mothership

First Order:
Raider Corvette (Actually Imperial ship, but Looks perfect for scout)
Interdictor Star Destroyer
Resurgent class (Finalizer)
Mandator IV-Class Seige Dreadnaught
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Re: New Ships 2018

Postby Insayn » Sat Dec 15, 2018 11:13 pm


Link: ...

The Asgard are my favorite Race. I had to redo the ships because they were just terrible. It took a long time searching the entire internet to find the perfect O'Neill ship model. I used the Vanir transport ship as the scout. As a general rule I haven't been using freighters, fighters, or transports. I don't thing the Vanir transport has weapons or even shields. I think there is an alternative Daniel Jackson that could be used as a scout. Anyway.

Vanir Transport ship
Daniel Jackson Science ship
Beliskner/Beliskirnir/Bilisknir (however you spell it) Mothership
Oneill Class
Also did the Jotunn Class as Destroyer. Its non-canon fan made for SGI mod. Cool ship, but not as cool as the Beliskner IMHO.

Tau'ri (Human)
With the exception of the Prometheus and Daedalus these are all non-canon ships.

X-303 Prometheus
BC-304 Daedalus
Phoenix (This one has an Asgard 'Impulse" Sublight engine.)
BC-305 Achilles
Battle Cruiser Ares
BB Excalibur

There are so many Federation ships I had to do a few more. I used a lot of non-canon ships and lesser known ships. I'm not a huge trekkie. If they weren't in the shows they are new to me.
I also neglected Picards Enterprise so far. Everyone knows Picard is the best captain and his enterprise is best.

Federation TOS:
Larson Class
Detroyat Class
Enigma Class
Enterprise (No A,B,C,or D)
The Jon Eaves concept ship.

Abbe Class
Akyazi Endurace
Ambassador Class
Centaur Class
Challenger Class
Excalibur Class
Galaxy Class
Insignia Class
Luna Class
Miranda Class
New Orleans Class
Norway Class
Olympic Class
Oberth Class
Springfield Class
Valiant Class (Prototype Defiant)
Walker Class
Yeager Class (This is the most bizarre looking ship)

There are a few others I couldnt use like Constellation Class. JJ Abrams Kelvin Timeline Constitution class and a few others.
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Re: New Ships 2018

Postby ianmah » Tue Apr 16, 2019 5:22 am

Wow, just visited this place after quite some time as I stumbled over the link in my bookmarks.

Thanks! Looking great! Will try them as soon as I'm at home. You really live up to your name, don't you? ;)
Nice to see, that someone else is still firing up STUN now and then too.
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