Fighter Abandonment.

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If you have used fighters on your ships to attack a world, before you have jump technology has this happened to you?

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Fighter Abandonment.

Postby Terrell » Thu Aug 23, 2007 2:13 pm

When attacking an enemy colony/world, using fighters on at least some of your ships, before you have jump tech have you ever had any of your fighters left behind by the ships you sent to attack the enemy colony/world?

The scenario goes as follows, during the trip to attack the enemy world, the ships encounter either a pirate or enemy/rival vessel, and launch their fighters at the ship. They don't stop proceeding to the world though, and the fighters get left behind. When you arrive at the world you wanted to attack, your ship(s) that were to carry fighters to the battle now have to fight without them because they got left behind on the way to the fight.

Perhaps to correct this, the ships shouldn't engage the enemy in the system on the way, but instead ignore it and proceed to the place that they were sent (and NOT launch their fighters). If they are intent on fighting it out, then they should all stop, and fight, then after the enemy is beaten, they should all wait until all fighters are recovered before heading on to the battle.
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