New Tactical Combat game?

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New Tactical Combat game?

Postby Mischief Maker » Tue Sep 16, 2008 7:50 am

I can't find the original post, but Andrew made some sort of comment to the effect of creating a new outer space game, this one focusing on tactical combat.

I think that would be a fantastic idea, and one for which there is a big fat unfilled niche in the indie games community. My one big overriding request is the ability to customize your starships and to retain a turn-based structure.

Also, one thing I noticed while playing Starship Kingdoms. A (relatively) easy low-cost way to spruce up the graphics for your engine would be to turn the light levels down and add lightmaps to the ship textures. Little pinprick protholes, spotlights on their insignia, things like that. Makes the ships look bigger and the dark ambience gives more of a "deep space" feel.
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