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Sandbox saved games

Postby ItchyFlea » Fri Jul 24, 2009 6:29 am

What I mean by sandbox is that you have pretty much total control of the galaxy and if left alone, you will never need to worry about the AI in any way. They won't attack you, most probably won't contact you. They are pretty much not going to do a single thing. Not even explore star systems.
How did the AI get this way?
I'm not entirely sure to be honest. In both the saved games provided here I was playing the game normally, without using any cheats or even cheat engine. As far as I can tell, the AI has a ship that is too large for it to buy/pay for parts for it, and they have only a small number of systems under their control. Basically, they have put themselves into a financial corner and can't get out of it.

If for whatever reason you want the AI to resume playing properly, just give them some cash, $2500 would probably be enough for both of these save files.

Saved Game #1
(Taken from the other topic i've created)
There is one opponent, the Avians and they are still in the Atomic Age.
You, the player, are humans and have two worlds and are in the Singularity Age and are at war with the Avians.
You also have one Scout Starship within view of the Avian Homeworld. Being a Scout it is purely defensive, with no weapons onboard.
All other starships were sent to Sol and scrapped.

Saved Game #2
In this game, you have a two worlds, a colony and 5 scout starships set to explore, and are at the end of the Fusion Age. (16 techs, 100% Wisdom)
The AI player is still in the Atomic Age and hasn't even got enough Wisdom to move to the Fusion Age.
The game was set up with just two players, myself and the AI.
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