Such a great game!

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Such a great game!

Postby 456 PickUpSticks » Fri Nov 11, 2005 2:24 pm

Hi Andrew.

Thank you so much for creating such an awesome game. About a week ago I played the demo and was hooked straight away. I kept playing it, and even figured out a way to win with about 1 minute left on the clock but I couldn't get enough so I bought the full version last night.

....I've been playing for about 15 hours straight!

There are just so many cool little things that take place on the path to galactic domination. For instance, my first game was a 150 star galaxy, level 3, 8 players, atomic to singularity, no planet killers or jump tech. Pretty much everyone was in the middle of the fusion age and my ally, the Sirens', single home planet was constantly under attack.

Those poor red-alien women were at the cross-roads of the entire galaxy. Not only were they wedged between two huge multi-planet alliances (later federations), they also endured numerous opportunistic incursions by the Avians and the Ents who were each strong in their own right (and more advanced in technology than either of the two alliances).

Up until this point my plan was to get assault pods, and then stage fake attacks on nearby enemy home worlds (so their ships would return from exploring) to commandeer some enemy ships and build my fleet. Given the enormous size of the galaxy, and not wanting to throw away a single chance at an artifact, I knew I would need about 6-8 ships exploring all at once. So instead of mass-exploration and scientists from the get-go, I concentrated on naval and security personnel and slowly hijacked enemy ships.

By this stage I could have gone to fusion age, but I chose not to! I had nearly all atomic age technologies, but I didnt want to throw away nearly 110 stars worth of artifacts by advancing. And that's why my ally was so useful! I kept giving/trading them anything that would help them survive. Thus, they reached fusion really early and were cranking out the generator, shield and laser tech which I needed to stay on par with everyone else.

So there I am still stuck in atomic age but with about 6 fusion techs, my fleet of scouts and gunboats is maxed out with scientists and I embark on the greatest treasure hunt of all time - fanning out to all four corners of the galaxy.

And it sure paid off.

I got so many goodies - the best being crack shot, two shots per turn, double max ammo, and my favourite 'Upsize Starship'.

Ok, by now though its getting hairy. My entire fleet is spread out on the other side of the galaxy and my ally is bleating for help after already holding off a wave of 8 ships and another wave inbound. Strangely, there are no natural wormholes to shorten the trip home (must be because of no jump tech?) so there is really not much I can do to help despite my large fleet. I need my ally to stay alive because otherwise my weakly guarded planets would fall soon after.

It is too expensive to build even a scout. What to do?

I saved my game and went on to kick some alien ass!

I looked at the star map, found my closest ship to Sol (around 14 parsecs or so) and told him to get home YESTERDAY. Remembering one of Insayn's posts about making the most uber ship possible with two shot per turn missiles I 'pimped that ride' with a selection of the galaxy's finest artifacts.

100% Combat experience - Check
Super-sized from rust-bucket to Cruiser of Death in 3.5 seconds - Check
Advanced Nuclear Missiles that shoot 2x and have double ammo - Check
Instantly made Shields, Generators, Computer and Drive - Check
Extra accuracy and increased rate of repairs - Check
Geeky scientists replaced with Commandos and Naval Officers - Check

Meanwhile I notice that on the other side of the galaxy, one of my scout's sensors picks up 4 enemy ships moving off at high speed straight for Canis (my Siren ally's homeworld). I didn't have much time, it was going to be close. I looked at my ally's world and my spy reports - they only had two ships, their world had too few generators to power both their shields and lasers and they had lost their technological edge - they will fall without my help. Thankfully my lone cruiser managed to get there just in time and began its patrol. I saved my game.

DARN! I was caught off guard. While completing a turn and movement as part of its patrol, 4 enemy ships from the left drop from cruising speed and are now BETWEEN my ship and the planet Canis. Another 3 from their ally also pop in from the lower right. Needless to say it was ugly and they got the jump on me. The small size of the enemy ships made them hard to hit and they could turn very fast. While I HULK-smashed some of them with my missiles their numbers were so great they overwhelmed my ally's 2 ships and the planet before I could do much of anything. Time to reload.

My problem was that my cruiser wasn't sitting above the planet and waiting for the enemy to come to him instead of chasing them around. So halfway through my patrol of the planet I use the Nav bar to change his orders from "Patrol Canis" to "Return to Canis".

He slowly turned towards the planet and moves forward....Three enemy hyperspace signatures start appearing right in front of him! The first dropped out of cruising speed only to be instantly obliterated by volleys of Nuclear Missiles to its weak rear shields. The second attempted to turn around but the wide arc of the missiles meant there was no escape. The third popped out of warp and headed straight for the planet, got a shot off and then received the same treatment as his friends. 3-0 Pimp Cruiser.

The four ships from the left are starting to begin their assault on the planet. Combined fire from their particle guns destroyed one of my ally's ships while putting the hurt on the other. The first enemy approached the closest city only to reduce its shield before about 8 laser beams sliced through its hull. The remaining three enemy gunboats surged forward but the lasers had stopped. Too few generators made energy scarce and despite all available power being shunted to the city's shields it wasn't enough. Particle-gun fire raked the city, killing millions.

Such bloodshed was soon reciprocated though. Having dispatched their allies in short order, Pimp Cruiser headed straight for the centre of Canis and then turned to meet the four remaining enemies head on. As stated, the first was blown apart by the planet's lasers. The second's shield-armor combination fell to the first volley of 8 nukes and was consequently ripped apart. Due to harassment from my remaining ally and seeing the carnage play out before their eyes the last two remaining enemies tried to flee. They engaged the allied Scout while gradually pulling away from Canis in the hope they could give themselves the time to re-enter hyperspace. They came close but the distance was not great enough and they too perished in a blinding flash.

From that point onwards it was all down hill for everyone but me. Fed by even more artifacts from subsequent exploration I was able to create 4 uber-cruisers who were single handedly able to assault and conquer planets. While the Sirens continued to be harassed by enemies on all sides I now had the power to project force where needed and my superior technology meant I could negate any threat.

However, the Sirens were in the end destroyed because of their long-standing reluctance to enter in federation with me. What began as a partnership of equals was undone by their mistrust of my charming galactic intentions. :twisted:

Cool game Andrew.
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