What TBS subjects can be made?

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What TBS subjects can be made?

Postby Shazbot » Wed Apr 04, 2007 9:27 am

Here is a thread over at GameSpot that I replied to recently... I thought some of y'all might have some thoughts about the subject. Here's my response:

I agree there are many subjects that a TBS game could explore. It seems like most of what I see coming out these days (and in recent years) is either space or WW2 related. As much as I've played WW2 TBS games like Axis & Allies, I'm kind of bored with that as a setting now, so as great as some new things like Making History might be, I really don't have much interest in them at the moment. I've been enjoying Battleship Chess lately as something a little different that involves a good amount of strategy, but even that is still a WWI/WWII setting.

How about a TBS game (or maybe even an RTS/TBS hybrid, like the TW series) that's based around a show like Lost, or not even specifically about Lost, but something that has that kind of unusual setting, characters and circumstances? Or something akin to Avalon Hill board games like Monsters Menace America or Betrayal at House on the Hill? Something lighter and fun, but still with a fair amount of strategy involved. Maybe a TBS that is more about exploration and discovery (perhaps adding some adventure game elements) than the usual warfare or civilization building. For example, there will be a new Indiana Jones movie out next year, undoubtedly with a corresponding game of some kind, and it would be cool if it had at a TBS element to it, instead of just being a shooter or adventure style. One of my favorite games ever was the collectible card game Illuminati: New World Order, and I could see a cool TBS game based on that. Or maybe even something seemingly simple like Capture the Flag, but with a TBS model and a lot of details as far as tactics and characters that you can choose from to be on your team (one kid is a fast runner, another has bad eyesight, etc.). Someone mentioned a TBS pirates game, and that would be great.

If the TBS genre is indeed shrinking or dying, as some have implied, then it would seem to me a combination of TBS developers not creating enough unique product within that general model and/or the public not supporting them. But this is a good thread idea, so hopefully the developers out there might be looking in and getting some ideas, and hopefully we'll support the best and most creative new TBS games that come out.
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Postby Andrew Ewanchyna » Wed Apr 04, 2007 7:49 pm

It's true that a lot of TBS games deal with the subject matter you mention. Heck, I'm guilty of it. But so does every other genre.

I'm currently working on a TBS game that is about creating a railroad empire. I hope to change the direction of ApeZone with this new game. I want to go back to good single-player games and not worry about the multiplayer aspect that does nothing for small developer's like me.

The Train game will be about exploring, building and trying to serve the population. Nothing revolutionary here. It won't be a financial simulation like so many railroad games in the past, though. Never understood why this was always tied to train games.
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