War On Folvos

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War On Folvos

Postby Starman » Sun Sep 07, 2008 9:46 pm

I've been playing "War On Folvos" lately and find it to be an excellent game.

It has great graphics and a nice sound track the plays though out the game. It has several levels of difficulty for various skill levels. The game is easy to learn with challenging levels for beginners as well as tougher ones for more experienced ones.
There is a nice auto select setting to help keep track of all your troops. I've had complex battles going on in 3 cities in different areas. After you make all your moves and end your turn, you get to see the battle animations, or they can be turned off but why would you want to there fun to watch. You can click on any unit to find out more about it, and what it can do. There are both air and ground units with several kinds like anti-aircraft that can shot at both land and air targets. Along with long range guns and small rocket launcher vehicles. When you move your troops they turn into a truck move to their location and then turn back into troops (pretty cool), you have supply trucks that can repair and reload your vehicles. They can be hidden in forests or other areas for more protection.

The story line has also been interesting and changes with events so its not a static story each time. Do well and support goes up for the rebels and you may get help from other army units that join your side. It uses a - Fog of War - view point where you have limited sight lines and allows for objects to get in the way, which makes reconnaissance all the more important either by air or ground and requires that you watch what & where you are doing things so that the trap you are setting doesn't end up being a trap that you fall into.

War On Folvos reminds me of Starship Unlimited and of all the reasons that I love that game so much. It is very enjoyable, interesting, and entertaining.
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