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Begin Again

Postby Commander Rackham » Thu Jan 29, 2009 3:11 am

Some of you interested in tactical combat games may be familiar with the venerable old "Begin: A Tactical Starship Simulation", an extremely deep text-only Star Trek game distributed as shareware via Bulletin-Board Systems during the eighties, and it's semi-graphical sequel (also from the eighties) "Begin 2". If not, you can read about them here:

Home of the Underdogs - Begin 2

What you are probably not aware of though is that fan efforts have unearthed the original creators, who were unaware of the number of people still playing their game, and more excitingly, they have resumed development! (they STILL had the original source code) That's right, after twenty years, we are about to see Begin 3.0!

The release was expected by now, but the programmer doing most of the work says he's had to push it back to about a week from now. The best place for updates at the moment is the beginstarshipcombat Yahoo! Group, which is also a good place to dowload the original games. Also, if you haven't played Begin in awhile, poke around the extra files- one of the first things the creators did when they found the fan community is reveal some undocumented, half-finished game features, which player hacks have since been able to kludge into a functional state- Begin now has scenario editors and online multi-player versions.
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