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Postby DEF DFA SST » Fri Jul 27, 2001 10:44 am

Hi Folks,

Here's what i want in a Space Strategy Game, some of these were taken from earlier posts , i just added a few things based on my experienced playing " StarShip Troopers: BattleSpace ", a Space Strategy/Tactical/Combat Real-Time MultiPlaying Game which allowed up to 60 Players per Arena battling it out to Invade/Capture the opponents HomeWorld ( Planet ).

1. RTS MultiPlaying
2. Two Races/Species
3. Map Editor
4. Random Maps
5. Different Terrains ( snow, water, desert, space, jungle...etcetera.. )
5. Customized Ship colors for each Race/Species or BattleGroup
6. Two- 2D ( TopView ) Engine with 3D Graphics
7. WormHoles ( allows player to travel from 1 Star system to the next )
8. Allow only 40 Players per Arena
9. SST:B had 3 different arenas namely:

a. ) Planet Conquest Arena
b. ) Ship to Ship Combat Arena
c. ) Enemy Base Killing Arena

That's all i can think of, maybe i'll add some more sometime.
You may visit my Website to take a better look at StarShip Troopers: BattleSpace.

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