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Postby Insayn » Fri Jul 09, 2004 5:39 pm

I am outta time. Be back in like 10 hours. I will modify the Corvette config to be a frigate with assualt pods in preparation to conquor leporis.

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Postby You Will Be Assimilated » Fri Jul 09, 2004 6:25 pm

ahhh crap, i have to leave right at the brink of a huge galatic war.


we have trained our minds on it but in light of our current situation i dont think we should.


2 galactic enemies is enough. i sugest we attack the argonians first.

But since im gone this is but a blow of wind on how this will fold out.

(leave it to insayn to get into a war the first turn he plays lol)

HSRTG will be very dissapointed lol.

I want you to take back the scitech ships and prepare them for war asap, the new specs are up to you insayn. insyan you will look after scitech affairs until the next election. Im appointing you my vice. Ur familiar with the department anyways.

Ill be back and forth tonight, chekin and talkin

later guys

assimilated out
You Will Be Assimilated
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Postby You Will Be Assimilated » Fri Jul 09, 2004 6:42 pm


Ive read the reports, we are not at a state of war with the argonians, nor are the argonians in an alliance with the sirens. We are at war with the ents and the sirens however!!!

how could u make such a big mistake :p ???
You Will Be Assimilated
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Postby Insayn » Sat Jul 10, 2004 3:40 am

Assimilated you need to cut down on the alchohol man. I'll set the record straight (hope your around to see this). Too bad I had to work tonight ???

We are at War with the Sirens, Argonians, and the Ents. The Sirens are allied with the Argos. We are allied with the keracks. The Keracks declared war on the Ents which means we are at war with the ents. The "Allies" are much stronger than the Ents.

I think if we were to focus on defeating the Allies we would need the help of the keracks. We could, however, singlehandly conquor the Ents. They are weakened by the loss of one of there ships and the loss of $2k to us :) .

In my own games I practice what is called 'total war'. That is, completely destroy muahahaha. I brought that up before and was quickly shot down. Ohh well if we cant destroy them we can enslave them. I say Ents must go. I like Eatomhoch's idea. Conquoring the Ents would open up the Galactic core to settlement. One thing I would point out- All colonies made from the Captured Ents planets would be infested with Ents :p .

Ok Assimilated, Starfleet will control 2nd fleet in your abscence. I'm opening the doors on whats researched though.
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Postby You Will Be Assimilated » Sat Jul 10, 2004 6:03 am

Well this will be my final post for awhile.

Thats no problem insayn Scitech control goes totally to you until you decide to pass it on or an election is called. You can exercise the full power of the department for yourself.

One thing tho, im looking at the saved state screen right now in the diplomacy screen. It says, AT WAR with only the color yellow(ents) and the color light blue (sirens). It says RIVAL however in peach(argonian color). Why would me saved state read different then yours insayn?

Meh, in any case I wont be around to care after today lol.

I hope all goes well with the war and ill see if I can check in from time to time.

and about the alcohol, Im not even legaly allowed to drink :p im 15 (thats right, a little boy in yur eyes heh heh, but that didnt stop me from being president did it :p )

Well guys good luck and god speed. I will see you in september, where hopefully well have some jump drives to play around with.

Yours truly, and pissed of that I dont get to be in the war.


Eatohmoch says: PHEW, im glad hes gone, can we blow up the sun now? :p
You Will Be Assimilated
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Postby Insayn » Sat Jul 10, 2004 2:21 pm

Hmmm I could have sworn. The 'boy' is right they aren't allies after all. Argos aren't at war with us. Man i should have double checked the save.

Just for the record I am 21 years of age. I'm gonna guess eatomhoch is atleast 25. His post are always quick and to the point. He's probably an alchoholic too :p .
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Postby eatomhoch » Sat Jul 10, 2004 5:54 pm

Good call insayn, I am 25. But I don't drink much.

Looks like its just you and me, and occasionally blackjet for the next month or so :(

I purpose we turn this into a succesion game for the next few weeks at least. That is we trade off taking turns. We will still need good turn reports to keep each other informed though. The next turn should get played on monday by me, then you would play wednesday, and I would play friday, etc....

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Postby Insayn » Sat Jul 10, 2004 11:39 pm

Yeah that sounds good bud. I think we got the general strategy for now. First conquor the Ents and in the mean time try work towards federating with the keracks.

The good thing about Beams is they are great for doing damage to cities. The bad thing is you ussually only got two or three attacks before you are outta energy. I also have some distressing news about the Ents. They are armed with fusion standoffs.
Now if we were to attack you couldnt jsut go in attacking right away. Rather stay off the planet just in range of their standoffs and let them launch 'em till they are all gone. The reason is the beams would quickly drain the energy needed to keep the shields up. So once there are no more standoffs THEN go in and attack. This attack would require manual control to keep the ship off the planet.
I use this strategy with the first scout you get in a new game. Stay off to the side (especially against those dang ram fish and drones). This way you dont jsut run right into the middle of 4 sentries and get hit from all sides.

Well I'll think some more about the research and stuff.

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Postby Insayn » Mon Jul 12, 2004 3:54 pm

Well eatomhoch don't get down about the Democracy game. :)

When you play the turn are you going to attack Leporis? Try to take screen shots in battle and stuff i want pictures along with the report.

As far as research goes I would suggest after research center and bio computer are outta the way. We should then start on either nuclear fighters or better freighters. God Speed
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Postby eatomhoch » Mon Jul 12, 2004 4:42 pm


Turn Summary
2491 Sirens offer peace, accept, set sol 5% eng Defiant return to sol, yorktown to sol
2495 finish research center, begin cloning
2499 put gotland, defiant and monitor in 3rd fleet put yorktown in 2nd fleet
2505 Keracks offer 600 for ram, accept
2506 Zolts declare war, sirens their allies come with, keracks ask for help defending orion dispatch the yorktown
2509 finish cloning, begin bio computer
2513 lalande completes space dock, set eng 0%, qued one research center
2515 Frigate monitor complete
2518 Robots declare war
2520 Bio comp completed, next selection is yours

We should seek peace with zolts, return yorktown and all other ships to sol for bio computers and then launch the attack, I leave that in your capable hands.

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Postby Insayn » Tue Jul 13, 2004 6:49 pm

OK I didn't want to wait till tomorrow to play the turn Eatomhoch.

2520 Reorginaized the fleets. Set Yorktown and Monitor to 3rd fleet, the scouts to 2nd fleet. Made room on monitor for assault pods. Send 3rd fleet to Sol.
2527 researched wormhole tap. Send defiant to explore Lalande Wormhole. Gotland still patrols Sol. Keracks ask for help defending Mizar (tough luck).
2529 Launched the Attack on Leporis. Yorktown and Monitor are the ships participating in the mission. Set the ships to manual control.
2532 the ships arrive. There is a Scout patroling with fusion death rays and atomic shields. Monitor defeated the scout with 3 attacks. The ents targeted yorktown with all the standoffs. Yorktown survived all 15 with only damaged def beams. Yorktown went to work on City Alpha, by the time the city was destroyed she was nearly out of energy. In the mean time Monitor easily destroyed the other two cities.
2533 Leporis is captured in the name of the Human Empire. :D Muehahahaha.... Sending the ships back to Sol. Sending the scouts to patrol Leporis.
2535 researched Nano technology.
2540 I am feeling confinant. I launched another attack this time against the Ent home world Regulus.
2542 The Ships arrive. I am delighted to see the Ents are not prepared at all for this attack. Only two cities have shields and regulus is not equpied with standoffs.
Monitor Easily destroyed one city then heaily damaged Gamma, but then she was so low on enery she sustained damage as the FWD shields failed and was hit by fusion death rays. The death rays are suprisingly effective. The ships are having trouble destroying their target cities for some time as they can't get through these new Single Phase deflectors like they did on leporis. Monitor destroyed her city and went to help Yorktown as she couldnt keep up with the shields, they just keep recharging to fast.
2544 the Robots are attacking Rigel ($10). Nothing can be done about it though. We are now down to the last city (beta). Asked the Ents to surrender. They refused and replied with 3 Deathray attacks on monitor. Monitor downed the shields and launched the assault pods.
The Ents are conquored! They are Slaves of the Mighty Human Empire Muahahaha!
2546 the robots destroy Rigel Frieghter route.
2549 Our dear friends the keracks despirately want help defending mizar. when Monitor is ready to leave I suggest she is send to their aid. The scouts are patroling Regulus. Yorktown was send to patrol Equulie(sirens raiding).
2549 finished researching replicators.

2550 My turn is over
Reseaching Federation
Treasury is at $5261
We are making $99 per year
We are still at War with the argonians. Our ally is still under attack by the Zolts. Now that was FUN! I took a whole buncha screen shots of the battles. They are in BMP. Pretty huge files but I didn feel like changing the format to something more managable. Well thats all for now.

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Postby eatomhoch » Tue Jul 13, 2004 8:39 pm

Good job, updated:

I will work for peace and reconstruction.

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Postby eatomhoch » Wed Jul 14, 2004 1:31 pm


Turn summary:
2550 Peace with argo
2552 Finish reasearching federation begin, colony 4
2555 Complete antimatter lab on Sol 1
Set defiant and gotland on auto-explore
2556 Trade fert drugs to keracks for 200
Lightning beam +100 for nuclear fighters
Laser beam +200 for fusion fighters
Cloning for Nano factory
Gift Federation, and Kerack fed law to sol
Begin research Phasor Beam
2556 Cont Peace with Sirens and Allies
2561 Beam Specialist artifact
2565 found Colony Draconis II
finsh Researching phasor begin subspace computer
2566 Sign no agression with argo
2568 Finish kerack fed law
2570 Robots end war
2574 Sign no agression with minervans
2575 Finish researching subspace comp, begin anitmatter generator
2576 Trade ram to argo for 1200

Insayn, Try to keep kerack relationship at 100 so we can federate with them, If they pass fed law federate immeadiatly. I built another frigate on sol and set crew% on both firgates

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Postby Insayn » Sat Jul 17, 2004 1:03 am

Had to work tonight...Delayed turn a few hours.
I didn't realy plan at all for this turn since there are no real objectives other than to federate with keracks. Although I am supposed to be incharge of scitech I think we both know what to do. Just research antimatter upgrades then research stuff like holospheres,terraforming, ect... There is only two of us playing really anyways.

Ok lets begin...
2580 renamed the Kortenaer to Assimilate. Moved Yorktown to 2nd fleet, trained 22sci 3nav, return to Sol, auto explore.
2581 Monitor destroyed pirate in Ross($1). Sent to kill pirate in wolf($10) then set to auto pirate killer.
2586 researched antimatter generator. Researching Multiphase deflector.
2589 Argos end non aggression pact
2590 Minervians trade $2k for atomic Death rays. There are 5 ships in line for upgrades at Sol. I decide to increase Engineers to 36 personel. I cut the 10 sci on assimilate to free up some cash flow, will cut sci on monitor too.
2591 Keracks pass human federation law, after federation the best tech they possesed was active armor. Scout Samson was destroyed by Siren starship in hyades. Gunboat Ishitar arrived a bit later. The fighters she was carrying were easily defeated by the siren fighters. Broke battle before Sirens could blow up their second kerack ship that year.
2595 Moved the kerack gunboats to scitech fleet. Trained to 100% scientist. Return to pegasus for refit/retrain.
2597 Minervians end non aggress pact. Zolts reach antimatter age. Researched MPD/ researching Transwarp drive.
2605 Sign no agres pact with Robots. Researched TransWD, Researching Antimatter fighters.
2606 sign no agress pact with minervians.
2608 the "allies" (sirens and zolts) declare war on minervians. Keep an eye on these guys, they are the most formitable force in the galaxy next to the Humans. Argos Steal $3628 from our treasury. ARGGGG they must PAY for that!
2611 saved game(oops was going to save at 2610 but wasnt ready)

Ok there we have it. The Argonians STOLE $3.5k from us. Something must be done about this. That is unacceptable I will not sit here and let our cash be taken with out the proper reperarations be enforced. I think its time they become slaves of the mighty human empire! Also I would look to the Sirens and Zolts becoming a federation in the near future. First things first, let the argos pay for their outrageous spying activities.

Treasury is at $9930
We are making $53 per year
Antimatter fighters have 25 months left till completion
Also there is a problem with starships taking too long for refits. I would say we could use some better space docks and more engineers at the established space ports (Sol and Pegasus).

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Postby Humans shall rule the gal » Sun Jul 18, 2004 7:28 pm

Gotta move fast. IC may run out anytime. Internet is spotty so I can't be a reliable president at all. Stupid goldrush is re-vamping the servers. Eatomhoch just got Prez I guess. Aiyiyi. DLed save game just for old times. Hope ya'll do good. The GM looks cool.

In haste,

Humans shall rule the gal
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