Space Stratagy games - whats your favorite?

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Postby DEF DFA SST » Thu Jul 26, 2001 11:53 pm

I played only SST and ALIENS ONLINE at Gamestorm, i did try Magestorm a couple of times, it was ok but it's not my type of game.

And I'm never into Turn Base type games like Planetarion even thou it's FREE, i find it Boring.

i prefer RTS games, real-time chat with friends and enemies while playing.
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Postby Soldier Of Fortune » Fri Jul 27, 2001 3:06 am

I seriously suggest you take a look at space,
It's a great time based strategy.
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Postby Praetor Ryan » Sat Jul 28, 2001 6:01 am

plz dont say planetarion is turn based, its not. but hey i like it... but its all good man ! have a good one all
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