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Postby Mac » Tue Aug 02, 2005 6:49 pm

Wow, period 4, adding destroyers, adds quite a lot to the game!!! BC's were an interesting addition in period 3.....but I finished off a Brit BC with a torpedo run in my first game this month...just testing the addition of DD's a little earlier today.

I'll run a few more games with DD's, then ''go for the gold'' with submarines!!

Meanwhile I see I have to begin August all over again from scratch on the ApeZone Global Rankings. Ensign, and so far just my earlier game results today, as to tonnage, etc. On my computer, I am still a newly promoted Lt. Cdr. however, so I still get all the benefits of rank there!

Capt. Mac :wink:
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Postby bluewolf » Sun Aug 07, 2005 3:58 pm

If you're playing under the expert mode -- {which I do} I think you'll notice when you get to subs that enemy subs seem to hit with astonishing regularity in comparison to your own subs -- it can be frustrating -- doesn't seem to work out fairly to me even taken into account the enemy commanders start at much higher rankings than most of yours -- I like to play on chapter 3 at expert level the most -- Overall though, I have very few complaints with this excellent game :) bluewolf {Admiral Walsh in the global rankings}
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chapter 3

Postby Mac » Mon Aug 08, 2005 1:42 pm

I have to agree. I may end up playing mostly Chapter 3 eventually. Seems I cannot avoid a sinking on my side with DDs. Once I stopped using merchants, I wasn't getting sunk till I went to Ch. 4. Although a merchant slipped past me to score 500 points recently---I still won the battle, but had forgotten how many points they were worth. So I may try and slip one by the enemy sometime again myself.

I bet subs will be a major change as well....like you pointed out........

''Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead...!!!'' haha

(I have gone back to just Mac on the Rankings board, instead of Capt. Mac. My scores are quite modest still....I don't think I will ever threaten the top scorers!!....) :)
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Postby orion » Tue Aug 09, 2005 9:19 am

There has been much discussion on this forum about torpedoes. Opinion appears to have settled into 2 schools - one being that torps are too powerful and unbalanced, the other being that they are an exciting and well-balanced status quo breaker.

Some players, for instance Mr Dogfood, claim to have very good success in the torpedo game. My observation is not that torps are too powerful, but that the brain-dead tactic of scooting singleton DDs around the enemy battlefleet appears to be unreasonably rewarding.

The genius of the game, though, is that we don't have to play torpedo rules if we don't want to. I play mostly Chapter 3.
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good points!

Postby Mac » Tue Aug 09, 2005 10:46 am

Good points. I just finished adding subs (Ch. 5) and actually found this mode made me slow down a whole lot in game play. I started going too fast and lost track of what weapon systems were in play and did some dumb stuff. But the addition of subs made me much more careful and methodical, and I found I was using more of my fleet than I had been before.

One thing I still have to see about is selecting one surfaced sub, who can move above a submerged sub (among other paths), then deciding to click on the submerged sub---only to find my surfaced sub moving to the position over the submerged sub. Until I play again, I'm not sure how to keep from doing this without clicking on a different ship somewhere else, to cancel out the plots available to the surfaced sub.

Using all the ship types makes me think more about every ship than I was before. DDs certainly are a threat, but then they are more easily sent to the bottom as well, by the bigger ships. I have to say I like all the different options and weapons included with Ch. 5 battles. But it does seem to entail being slower and more thoughtful during play.

But just to slug it out with the Big Boys, I will stay with Ch. 3. Quicker play action all around.

For most of my battles, I will likely remain as ''Mac'' on the rankings board, using Ch. 3 battling. For some sub/DD/torpedo action every now and then, I will play as ''Uboat'' on the rankings, using Ch. 5 battling. I will probably play more and have bigger scores for ''Mac''...but ''Uboat'' will also see some battles (playing as the Germans), with probably lower scores overall.

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Postby Andrew Ewanchyna » Tue Aug 09, 2005 8:15 pm

Mac, when you have two of your ships/subs in the same square. You can find out which ship is active by moving your cursor over the knobs/switches at the right of the screen. It will also show the ship selected when you click on the square in the message area on the right. If you keep clicking the square it will toggle between your two ships. And in case you didn't know, if you hold the shift key down, it will hide the movement buttons, allowing you to select your ships that may be below.
Andrew Ewanchyna
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okay, thanks Andrew

Postby Mac » Wed Aug 10, 2005 6:44 am

Ah, great. Thanks, Andrew. I will play a sub game now and test my new knowledge! :mrgreen:
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Re: okay, thanks Andrew

Postby Bozo » Sat Sep 10, 2005 4:31 am

The discussion on torpedoes is interesting nonetheless. It's not that the AI hits more than the player. The ai calculates your ship movements and moves the subs right on the beam. Therefore when you move, be careful of ai subs. If they can move to get your ships abeam their shot with torpedoes will be much easier. The same goes with DD, which are lethal since they are faster. It's all about practicing, you can move yourself your submarines so that (for example) an enemy damaged ship at the engine will move 1 spot ahead next turn. If your sub is able to move right 90° of that ship, your chances to sink it with a torpedo increase.

One thing i don't like about torpedoes is that their % of hitting are not depending on the distance. They should. The farther the shot is, the harder it is...because of many many factors. Torpedoes aren't accurate...even the acoustic guided ones of the late WW2 needed very strong sounds to attract them (ships travelling at full speed) and even in this case, decoys were present ...let's not mention early war torpedoes which were completely ballistic. That's why distance should affect torpedo accuracy...after all, the hard job for a sub was to get close to its target.

I play SH3 and under realistic settings, hitting a merchant moving slow from more than 2000 meters is basically almost impossible :)
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