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just checked the demo of the 2.1 beta version.and if my comments are welcome i ll say my opinion.lets start from the negative,or points that they could indeed be improved:

*regarding new vessels i didnt see anything new.i think that new vessels should to put in-ironclad perhaps-regarding the early years-(ANYONE OF YOU REMEBER THE HUASCAR,known better as the terror of the pacific?)and torpedo boats.this would add the game a biggest variety.

*regarding graphs and sound i expected more.
for example,repair,ammo zones,they are stable right?therefore they could be replaced by small islands which they fit that facilities.about speed and view zones i dont have any ideas.

*about cards,i ve read in the forums that someone has the idea of dropping smoke,make the ship disappear,even if the enemy posses visual upgrade.this was indeed a great idea,very bad that in cards things stay as they were before.

*another platform of upgrade in the game could be also the high rate captain,in which u cant find it in the action part of the game(i mean the first ship go and grab it).

*FUEL,COAL!.dear gentlemen u forgot the chase of Goeben in the agean sea of greece?Goeben would force to surrender if the greek government didnt provide it coal.ships i think had 2 important thinks to look at,fuel and of these 2 end,they are why u didnt provide them and this option to make the game more realistic?then another extra cards,regarding "extra coal storage"or"coal zone"and etc!

*choice for small,medium,and larger map of battle instead of one size map only!!!!

*indeed more mobile ships,but with this change making the map smaller,exterminating some strategies on how to attack,goaround enemy ships,etc.all ships could spot easier each other and i think this is no good.

*added country.
indeed good part of russian fleet,but the only thing that changed is just names and a flag.nothing more.i m sad for this,cause every country should have ITS OWN CHARACTERICTICS!!!! :x ,to give the player a wider choice to do.for example,german ships in jutland proved that they were much better,here is the first:whoever chooses germany,he will know that his ships will be better armoured or have a defensive bonus against enemy attacks.
also,did anyone remember that during the battle of jutland,ONLY the british had the SUPER-DREADNOUGHT DIVISION,armed with 15"guns,(queen elizabeth,barham,warspite,valiant,malaya).another example,of the benefits that the selecetd countries should and must have.
another example:japanese had the strongest torpedoes

*has anyone forget that BATTLESHIPS AND BATTLECRUISERS HAD SECONDARY ARMAMENT???why in the game or in the beta version battleships and battlecruisers have only the big guns?!
imagine how a battleship battle level will improve if these guns will added!!!!

its nearly impposible,i m in the edge of madness when i m seeing a destroyer attacking a fleet of battleships or battlecruisers consisting captains rating 1 or 2,firing at will to the destoyer,yet the destroyer manages to sink them and escapes!!!
*DIFFERENT CLASSES OF BATTLESHIPS AND BATTLECRUISERS!!!!!WHY LIMITING THE BATTLESHIP/BATTLECRUISER TO ONLY 8 GUNS?CAN ANYONE REMEMBER THAT MANY BATTLESHIPS/BATTLECRUISERS WERE CARRYING 10 GUNS AND SOME(BATTLESHIP AGINCOURT CARRIED 14 GUNS?)WHY LIMITED ONLT THE ARMOURED CRUISER WITH SAME TYPE JUST 4 GUNS?THEY WERE MANY TYPES OF ARMOURED CRUISERS,SOME WITH SAME CALIBRE GUNS ALSO ON THE SIDES OR JUST LIGHT CRUISERS!!!!therefore,different looking types of battlecruisers and battleships,as well and armoured cruisers/how many ships could be changed even if they are have the same firepower-2,or 3 funnels for cruisers,and 2 or 3 funnels for battlecruisers?this will add bigger graphic variety to the game dont u think?

SAY THE TRUTH GOT DEEP DISSAPOINTED.refresh is the part which andrew must see.there are a lot of things to get improve-i m not talking about separate eras-i m talking just with these 5 which we have now.still battleship chess remains one of the topest games i ve ever played regarding naval battles.but think all of u that make me honor to pay attention to my words how game could be if improvements of that kind were made.i m not an innapprectiate guy,perhaps andrew is known of all these.i hope to see our lovin game to grew up with better gamplay.
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