More ideas next version + questions

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More ideas next version + questions

Postby Bull Halsey » Thu Oct 20, 2005 2:32 pm

Hi Andrew and Everyone:

1) Is there any way the DD's could lay smoke?
2) Add more subs at the expert level (love'em)
3) In next version could subs be wolfpacked/ ie control of multiple subs at the same time?Again this can be a bonus for expert level. Maybe if there is commander with high(er) rating he can take another sub or 2 with him as his sub moves
4) Could there be a card for a airstrike? (I'm a WWII fan so you se the direction I'm taking :wink: ) it could work just like a mine with a hit probality and takget a specific ship with hit problity and do a pre set amount of damage. You could have a airplane noise (dive bombers)and animation of a plane diving and climing over that ship or even just a plane shaped shadow. Maybe a new phase "Combined arms: Air and Sea where you can preselct turns for air strikes and hope that the opponet will present enough targets to make it worth while.
5) Lastly can Hegehogs be added to destroyers? (longer range and bigger area covered) would be appropriate counter mesure to wolfpacking subs and maybe the DD's can ran simultaneously.

Over all I think the expert level should pack some gooodies that are not in the rest of the game and make it more challenging and rewarding for getting there.

Maybe you might want to consider having a seperate WWII level or a WWII version add night and radar-to supplement spotting!! :D

I would love a module with more submarines backed up by DD's,cruisers and one BB vs merchant ships (armed) + corvettes and DD's and a few cruisers + a 1-2 BB's. I think merchant men should have light armanment so thay aren't so easy to sink. If you do WWII I think the cruisers should have 11" guns and better armor . Especailly the Brits
Oh could in the earlier periods (armored cruisers) can there be a spanish fleet for the spanish american war?
Lastly can subs maybe get a bonus to hit for surface attacks? Historically most sub commanders preffered surface attacks for greater accuracy.
I realize that this is a lot but I'm hoping some of this can help and be adopted.
Oh almost forgot I strongly feel that you should be able to get to carry over veteran commanders and their ships and there should be more up grades as you go above 30 with a FEW ships being able to have 5 upgrade boxes. I also think the crew performance should be reflected along with the commander like fire and flooding being cut down should
a ships CO be say above a 5. I do think the game is great but the next vesion should go up a couple of levels and I would gladly pay another 10 bucks for the upgrade to cover the costs. Last question why is it so hard to hit anything with point blank broad side? (especailly those @#$#!!!## destroyers !!)

Karl Strohmeyer
Bull Halsey
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Postby aracuan_77 » Fri Oct 21, 2005 2:13 am


interseting points of view!
please check your mails,i send u a p.m.
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