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Postby aracuan_77 » Tue May 23, 2006 8:09 am

thank you all guys.

i wont say anything choose to put the grave stone into bc.
what else can i say? s your right to abandon it.and my problem is not the 25 euros for an update.25 euros are 2 drinks for me in a club,which i m drinkingv frequently.
i could gladly pay.
and yes,insayne,this game i want to believe has a lot of fanatic funs.
you want to put out your own eyes with your own hands.
well done.
proceed to the next game andrew.i hope you fail.
and you should take care your existing clients,better known as the after-sale-service,before expand to create new games and markets.
and the 2 updates you ve made andrew were not really updates,you know that.they were mostly-to fix bugs and NOTHING ELSE.nothing in the game has changed.
your sayings andrew:"update,version 2.0,fixes monthly ranking"(major update indeed)
version 2.1( 4 fixes bugs+mobile ships+i paint some ships in russian colours).i wonder how many months you were working to release this huge update.if you consider major update something to be predefined from the beggining then good work.
i showed you with my proposals and with proposals of other gamers what the really updates should be.
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Postby Insayn » Thu May 25, 2006 1:30 am

I think that is a good comparison, Aracuan. $25 buys me a half gallon of blended scotch, which will give me a few days of enjoyment. BC and especially STUN have delivered years of fun times. :)

Aracuan, I am not disagreeing with you out right. Sure, I love new updates to the games too. You have to realize that if any new updates occur, it is out of the kindness of andrews heart.

I think the existing game is fine. It doesn't need any updates. Some of the modifications suggested would make it a whole new game.

I look forward to more games from apezone in the future. :D
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lets drink together

Postby aracuan_77 » Thu May 25, 2006 7:34 am


i have spoken with you via msn,and i consider you a very nice,i think that the only we can do for time being is to spend money only to our drinks mate!i m drinking drambuie mostly,and a drink called "water melon".i need a combination of 3 drinks for making this.
anyway,dont hope for any updates.
andrew said it byhimself,no new customers(ignoring the existing ones),no updates.
and if all these updates will make it a different game,will accumulate all existing features,with new ones,reborning the bc!
that is andrew cannot understand.and that is making the difference between a great creator and a small one.
andrew shows clearly to which category belongs.
with this attitude,i think that he wants to get as much as money as he can,then deserting the game.updates are limited just to fixing bugs,not to improve then can i trust him and buy another game?
so by these sayings the update dont based on his kindness,but on his gain,or profit.i dont consider andrew an emotion person,cause if he was,he would feel a little"compasion"for those who support,embraced andrew s creation,bc.
the greek language,is one of the richest in the world.if you want insayn,then try and find the translation of this:"φιλότιμο".
its exaclty the perfect word.
so,lets empty the glasses! :D
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Postby Andrew Ewanchyna » Thu May 25, 2006 8:18 pm

In that case, I'll have a glass of Retsina! :lol:

I think most people buy games because they like the game, not because they want free updates.

I've had 2 MAJOR updates to the game! Look for yourself. Either way, I've slated another major update for this game, BUT, as I stated earlier, it will be after the release of my next game.

Battleship Chess CHANGE HISTORY

From Version 2.0a to Version 2.1

* Added Russian fleet
* Melee battle starting conditions
* More mobile ships
* Added cheat code (F3 "admiral") that sets user to fleet admiral locally.
* Reduced knob input areas.
* Minor improvements in graphics and music.
* No longer resetting tips flags every month.
* Fixed a bug where it was possible to be player 2 in a single player game.
* Fixed a bug where heavily damaged burning/flooding ship could sink in the 1st turn of the next battle.
* Fixed a bug involving extra ship card.
* Fixed a bug that could mess up hotseat and internet play.

From Version 2.0 to Version 2.0a

* Fixed the bug where you're local ranking would get reset each month. Should only reset global rankings.

From Version 1.0 to Version 2.0

* Larger battle areas
* Added ability to choose your battlefleet
* Allowed to choose warship upgrades based on your ranking
* Can fire from all your warships that are adjacent to the ship that just moved
* Replaced targetting abilities by 3 difficulty levels for single-player mode
* Made improvements in upgrades, maximum damages and weapons damage
* Added a new upgrade (anti-torpedo bulge)
* Added the ability to play all 5 chapters from the start (not tied to your ranking anymore)
* Added monthly global high scores instead of one list
* Auto-zooming/rotating when weapons are being fired (more cinematic)
* Fixed some bugs with multiplayer
* Fixed some bugs with the AI (made it a little harder on the hardest level)
* Got rid of scrolling when you move the mouse to the edges of the screen
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Postby aracuan_77 » Sat May 27, 2006 4:38 am

i m glad you know some of greek wines andrew! :lol:
which retsina you want?white,red,or pink?
try also:manzavino,and robola.they are also very famous,and they mature in mountains,and thats why they are very expensive.
anyway,i will send 2 barrells to you andrew of retsina,if you make the update,+1 more barrel to insayn. 8)
if andrew make the update as he sais insayn,i will be drunken skipper of my dreadnought every time that i will play bc,lol :lol:
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Postby Insayn » Sat May 27, 2006 6:51 am

I'm glad we can be civil. :) It just takes a drink and the "dialogue" begins. ;)

This is a public forum and I cannot let some points to remain unacknowledged.

I do not believe that Andrew ever said that new updates to the game would create a new BC. I said that. ;)
I don't think Andrew is "deserting" his games or his older customers. BC is a newer game compared to STUN. Andrew DOES have a history of tireless commitment to improving his games. He certainly hasn't abandoned the BC fans. You can only juggle so many things at one time.

Aracuan, the only translation I was able to find for "φιλότιμο" was "earnestness". Is that correct?
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Postby Holbeck » Sat May 27, 2006 12:43 pm

Hi, I'm the first to admit that I don't use the forum much, but I've just been reading aracuan-77's coments about updates for BC.
This is a relatively cheap game to buy and I've played it quite a bit but one moves on to other games. I'm looking forward to Andrew's latest effort.
What's all this moaning about no updates? Enjoy the game as it is, play other games and come back to BC now and then for a change.
Aracuan if you buy a pair of jeans and they go out of fashion do you go back to the shop a year later and ask them to update them free of charge? Stop whinging. :D
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Postby aracuan_77 » Sun May 28, 2006 1:32 am

of course we can be civil.
Yes i think your proposal before a talk to drink something is the best!
lol,i hope also andrew that he should not abandon bc fans.for time being however,he has deserted them.the forums are dead.
many months ago he claimed that he would add the magazine explosion"in the following days",but nothing happened,then he said that he would fix the merchant ship movement-to been covered when closes a warship,still nothing happened then.its many months now since he said that he would fix them..."soon".still waiting.
and yes,the trasnlation was was a very difficult word to explain insayn,i m glad that you have realised its meaning.its a combination,honor+respect+appreciation.

to Holbeck:
Dear friend,
what you havent realised is that this game hasnt complete its circle.i mean that it has huge spaces for can be also used as a platform for a bc of world war 2 lets say.its not just the space invaders,or can be done very deep,even more i said before,more simple games with almost none AI(pocket tanks)been continiously updated,and you cant abandon them,cause the producers refreshing them.please dont make me said it again;i hate repeating my self all the time.
and the example with the jeans is at least-baseless.cause you cant update clothes like programms my cant make a comparison of these 2 things.and i have never demand from andrew to make free i have said MANY TIMES,i dont care for the money.i m not a beggar,or a thief, to cant purchase 30,or 40 ,or 50 euroes for an update.everything in this life has a price.andrew should put not free update,to make a lot of them.
so,requesting for updates is not only my demand,or desire,but if you were more carefull in the bc forums,you would see that almost 8/10 of the threads are requesting somthing.the ideas are so many.this mean that a lot of people sees and feels the need for expanding the game with new features.everyone can see this.i dont believe that you,or andrew cannot see this.
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Postby em2nought » Sun May 28, 2006 4:17 am

Now I'm hungry for some Souvlaki from Hania, or maybe some Moussaka. Yum!
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Postby Andrew Ewanchyna » Sun May 28, 2006 8:40 pm

They have red and rose (pink) Retsina? I've only had the white. Love it. I had the fortune of first trying it on a ferry from one Greek island to another (can't remember which ones). Now my wife and I drink it from time to time, especially with Greek food. I'll look for the red and rose. Don't know if they sell it in Montreal.

Just to set the record straight. I never said I'd add mag explosions in the next few days. I said, like I always do. I'd add it in the next update. The next update is slated after the release of my next game (figure in a couple of months). I too see that Battleship Chess can be a lot more than it currenly is. Like I did with Starships Unlimited, I like to grow my games into something a little more than they are.

Your Pocket Tank comments still make me laugh, Aracuan. First thing you learn in this business is that people always want more from their games and with an outlet like these forums, you hear about it. But then that is part of what these forums are for. I get feedback and requests for improving my games. You just can't expect that your ideas will always get into the game. It's just not realistic. Even the most simple ideas can sometimes cause a game to become unbalanced or change its character completely. Start your own game company and you'll soon see what I mean. :wink:

Now back to the grind of producing a new pair of jeans ...
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souvlaki with tzatziki!

Postby aracuan_77 » Mon May 29, 2006 1:23 am


i m glad you know so much about greek food and drinks!!!
according to insayn,it seems everytime that we can start a conversation,we could think something about food and drink,and then the conversation will be much more tasty.

about souvlaki em2nought,
you want a full extra souvlaki with tzatziki,tomato,red sweet pepper,potatoes,and onion?
Hania...yes!the perfect place!of course you ve visit the old harbor in the city dont you?plenty of greek taverns with traditional food!hope you taste pastistio,and tzatziki as well.u like hania em2nought?

andrew there are various types of wines.retsinas are mostly white,but there are and red and rose,to be exact.the last ones are mostly used to turn you up the sex mood,served with food!they affect the heart.
make the updates soon,and i promise i will send you traditional home-made wine,white,similar to retsina called "robola".james bond used to drink it in his movie"for your eyes only".
in which greek islands have you been andrew?u like them?

i would propose however,to visit either santorini or mikonos,or kefalonia,the island that has shoten the famous film"the mantolin of captain korelli".also kefalonia is my home island,and it has the most beautifull and amazing beach WORLDWIDE,declared by international magazines.its called"mirtos".

now,stick to subject.
andrew these words were yours,on 1/1/2006,on the thread "why buy the game?"

"5) I intend on adding munition explosions one of these days. "
but still prove to you that i know exaclty what you have said.
you wont destroy the game if you add some extra features andrew,like a new card,or a new type of ship,or secondary armament,etc...we have said these things thousand times.
bc i m saying again is the platform for deploying another eras.
and my ideas are not realistic???
are you kidding???
can an armoured cruiser having a captain of rate 8 to defeat a battlecruiser with a captain of 2 ?in your game yes!
with this sense,then,fon spee should in the falklands islands have defeat sturdee's squadron with his sharnhorst and gneisenau vs invincible and inflexible.what is the game happening now,is that capital ships do not have their true importance.
imagine armoured cruisers and bcs and bbs with secondary armament!!!
anyway,what you surely not allowed to laugh andrew for pocket tanks,is their updates(7 times).
thier producers give to it their 100% of theirselves to keep it alive,and despite lower in capabilities,enjoyable,none AI and less fun from bc,they have manage to push its sales very far,making much more popular than your game andrew.that is a reason you surely dont laugh.
and i have a relation with companies andrew,thats why i know all these stuff;
a freind of me is working as a software supervisor in sisco systems.beleive me ,i know much more than you can think.
lets eat some souvlakia now,with giros or stick or chicken,shall we? :D
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Postby Andrew Ewanchyna » Wed May 31, 2006 8:33 am

Oh, well. One of these days will be next release. :roll:

Well, I can remember Ios and Cos. Don't recall the others. Maybe too much Retsina? :P
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wines on the way!

Postby aracuan_77 » Thu Jun 01, 2006 11:18 pm


cant wait!!!!!!
your wines are on the way!i m speaking serious.please send me your adress or a post adress to send you the wine you prefer(retsina)?
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Postby Blackjet » Fri Jun 02, 2006 3:18 am

You guys are starting to scare me! LOL
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Postby Andrew Ewanchyna » Fri Jun 02, 2006 8:29 am

Ha, funny! Buying my next game is payment enough. :D
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