Loco Mogul version 2.0 released

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Loco Mogul version 2.0 released

Postby Andrew Ewanchyna » Fri Oct 17, 2008 8:03 am

After listening to feedback, I've decided to make the learning curve a little less steep. I've restructured the levels so that it starts slower, gradually introducing new things each level. I've also added a sort of hand-holding tutorial for the first few levels. The in-game help has been changed from a hint system to a mini reference (goodbye waving man).

Overall, the levels have increased from 10 to 20, which includes 5 bonus levels that are unlocked by buying out investors and a one-level, sandbox mode that gets unlocked once you've completed all levels.

I've also color-coded the station letters for easier matching of rail cars to their destination. Finally, I've added solid gold rail cars in later levels, which represent the best customers. These customers pay double the normal price but expect to get picked up in half the time.

So if you were confused the first time, give the demo another try. You can read all about it here (http://www.apezone.com/locomogul.php )and download the demo here (http://www.apezone.com/install/ilocodemo.exe). For those of you who purchased the game, just enter your key on the download page here to get the latest version.

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