Battleship Chess v2.2 now available!

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Battleship Chess v2.2 now available!

Postby Andrew Ewanchyna » Tue May 13, 2008 10:06 am

Version 2.2 is now available (finally). Here's what's changed:

-Made game Vista compatible
-Changed high score board to prevent cheating
-Added a 3-battle option
-Changed DD damage from 500 to 400 to reduce their effectiveness a bit.
-Increased maximum number of battle turns a bit.
-AI improvements
-Increased # of special zones on a map.
-Removed the Retreat from Battle card from network play (unsporting).
-New options: No-zooms-on-shots, Fast Play, and Swap Ship Colors options
-New Start Game option: can now choose odds of melee (0-100%)
-Manual upgrading/picking of ships always available, no longer dependent on user's rank.
-Enabled the Tab key to cycle through all ships eligible for movement
-Lots of small bug fixes.
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