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Starships Unlimited Version 3.5 available

Postby Andrew Ewanchyna » Wed Sep 14, 2005 11:48 pm

The beta period for Starships Unlimited has ended. You can find the final release on the downloads page

Some of the changes:

-Added full soundtrack to downloadable version by using much smaller ogg files.
-Added a new Singularity cruise drive: Hyper Drive
-Added an option to exclude jump gates and jump drives from games
-Option to limit games to a certain age ranges (e.g. just the Fusion age).
-Added a Diplomacy page button to block incomming communications from a specific race.
-Challenging pirates now means better pirate ships rather than just more pirates.
-Made harder skill levels more challenging.
-Made Interstellar Standoffs more powerful (more damage and LARGER blast area).
-Made torpedoes a little more powerful (larger target area, larger blast area).
-Improved AI player's use of Interstellar Standoffs.
-Improved AI player's use of cloaks.
-Improved the AI ability to choose a world to attack.
-Improve AI players' ability to collecting and use artifacts.
-Space docks can no longer be targeted.
-Added the shortcut key, F2, to center the map on the focus unit.
-Fixed a bug making it easier for AI controlled ships to recharge their drives and escape battles.
-Restrict defensive fire to Point Defense weapons iso main weapons unless big targets
(e.g. Interstellar Standoffs and assault pods). Also fixed a bug with not stopping after
a point defense weapon blocks an incomming weapon.
-Now limiting spies to 30 per relation.
-Fixed bug where colony ships not built after choosing a planet to colonize and autobuilds set to manual.
-Improved the odds of the AI choosing jump gates/drives iso trans warp drives.
-Fixed the queue/unqueue ship exploit when player had nano tech/replicator discounts.
-Added some entries to the glossary and index pages of the documentation.
-Cheat codes should work again!
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