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Postby Orishnu » Mon Jul 26, 2004 2:36 pm

Well FABIO, i think that the point of torpedos was to create more of a challege for people, it is very difficult to build a configuration around torpedos and if you are in control of manuevering, then it's even more of a challenge to manuever well enough to fire a shot.

Don't get me wrong, i really dont get the point of torpedos either, but i just think they are there for a challenge.
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Postby Humans shall rule the gal » Mon Jul 26, 2004 3:41 pm

This is going to become a long dissertation (in my estimation) so stay with me.


Torpedoes are meant to be the longest range weapon without becoming a whole new icon in the map. With standoffs you create a new icon. With fighters you create a new icon. Both can be outmaneuvered (yes I have outmaneuvered standoffs till the end of a fight then I shot em down with convert beams). Torpedoes, on the other hand, they must be taken out with point defense. They are, basically, like most weapons, an "Instant Hit/Miss" no waiting once you fire (other then animation). There are 2 drawbacks I see to torpedoes.

One: Its a matter of time before a hit to the hull makes your torp ammo go boom. This creates a TON of damage to add on to weapon hits.

Two: The firing arc. Plain and simple. Its small, so a smaller ship will easily slip past and knife you in the guts.

I never use any weapons that have the chance of exploding in my hull. Never. I want a ship to last as long as possible and adding a bad possibility like that is something I loathe doing.

Fighters: Like standoffs they create another icon on the map. Unlike standoffs its REALLY hard to outmaneuver them, if not impossible. They require a launching charge, but that cost is eaten up fast as you watch the comp waste valuable energy on point defense and shields, as well as (sometimes) trying to hit the fighters with main weapons. Fighters almost never destroy a ship (it has only happened once/twice with me). Its the main guns on the ship supporting the fighters that takes the enemy down. The fighters are stinging bees. The ships are elephaunts. The fighters are annoying but it takes another heavy gun to kill a heavy gun.

Drawbacks: Takes 2 slots. The annoyance is worth it though as 1-2 fighter squadrons really help in a battle. I never use more then 1 fighter squadron/ship. Fighters are useless against worlds as anything other then cannon fodder. World's weapons traverse instantly so the fighter's only strength, speed, is taken away just as quickly.

Guns: Never used these much, limited ammo just sucks to much for my purposes. I like to take ships out for 100-150 years at a time (after I gain basic stuff like shields and beams). Limited ammo just squashes that idea faster then anything else I know. Also Beams do just about the same thing without limited ammo. Guns are no doubt very cool, I don't care about that. I like practicality.

Drawbacks: Ammo ammo ammo.
Exceptional: Lots less charge for the = or better of beams.

Those are my opinions on this matter. Beams, Fighters, Death Rays. My standbys. In any case I'm sure we all have different playing styles and so different weapons combos work for different people.

The AI sucks with any weapons combo. :p lol
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Re: What we need is guns.. lots of guns..... - Favourite wea

Postby nemo69 » Tue Jul 30, 2013 3:29 am

And I STILL don't get torpedos. If you want long range and don't mind using a point defense stoppable weapon, why not just go with fighters or standoffs?

Torpedoes are good in conjunction with beams. Do a Star Trek configuration. I find there's a lot of strategies based on Star Trek.
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