Battleship Chess

Taking classic Battleship to the next level!

Combine the classic naval stategy game of Battleship with the thoughtful turn-based moves of Chess and you get Battleship Chess. Play Video Trailer,  Read User's Guide,  See High Scores

Move your naval fleet of battleships, battlecruisers, destroyers and submarines in search of the enemy. Once spotted, let them have it with your guns, torpedoes and depth charges. Play this turn-based naval strategy game against computer or human opponents, online or at the same PC.

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  • Command 6 types of warships, including 2 types of battleships!
  • Win warship upgrades such as better armor, more ammo, and bigger guns.
  • Play your battle cards during battle: drop mines, escort merchant ships to safety.
  • Launch torpedo attacks from your submarines and destroyers and take out the big boys
  • Watch battleships and battlecruisers succumb to your relentless torpedo attacks!
  • Use the big guns of your battleships and battlecruisers to pound your enemy into submission.
  • Play against computer opponents of varying skill levels and post your high scores online.
  • Compete against other players, either online or at the same computer.
  • Quick single-battles for those with little time.
  • Long multi-battle games for the true armchair admiral.
  • Endless replay with randomly generated wars and battles.

System Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/XP/2k/Vista, DirectX 8.0 or better, 1.0 GHZ Intel or AMD Processor, and Direct3D compatible video card.

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